Top Tips for Fitter Cycling

Have you been out on your bike trying to get a bit fitter? It can be a great way to get out and about and see more of the world while improving your fitness so more and more people are dusting off their bikes.

Here are some tips that might help your performance when you are out and about on your bike.

Weight Loss

This can be a tricky one, you will build muscle by cycling so it can be hard to track but being more lightweight will definitely improve performance. It is worth noting that carrying a healthy amount of fat reserves rather than being skin and bones is the ideal target.


Make sure your water bottle has been filled up before heading out and keep it up at work and at home to make sure your body can flush toxins and get nutrients from food.

Cut back on refined sugars

You will find this in most food and drink that you should try to avoid anyway but one of the leading causes of obesity and diabetes can also be damaging in a number of other ways. Look for more natural alternatives when you can.

Snack right

Snacking can be most people’s downfall so pre planning snack times and eating things like nuts, dried meat and yoghurt can help to stop you going off the rails.

Food diary

Keeping track of what you eat and when will help you to figure out the best diet for you. Keeping a diary will also help you to understand how different foods can affect your performance.

Gym Schedule

Get help setting up a gym plan that will target the right muscles and help you to build up your stamina. Try to think of your legs as pistons pumping when you are cycling, by working your legs you will start to see the difference when out on your bike.

Skipping can also be a great way to build up your legs and help with your stamina.


Improve your flexibility and breathing with yoga. A lot of top athletes have improved their performance by practicing yoga and they have found it to be a great help.

Get a change of location

Cycling in different locations not only gives you a different workout but lets you see some different areas as well. Cycling on different terrains can also be an excellent way to test yourself. Road cycling, off road or mountain biking are all very different in terms of technique and even the muscle groups that get tested.

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