5 Pieces of Essential Gymwear

It is all good and well wanting to look good at the gym but being able to look good with performance clothing that serves a purpose is something that is a lot easier now thanks to the countless great brands out there.

The competition among leading performance wear brands means that they not only have to be constantly moving with trends but they also have to be experimenting in the latest fabric technology to find the ideal materials for their desired use.

So if you are going to be hitting the gym hard and are looking for some wardrobe advice, here are some of the most essential clothing items you will need to invest in.

Sweat Resistant T Shirt

If you are going to the gym you will want to work up a sweat, but that doesn’t mean you want to have a dripping wet T shirt. A damp sweaty t shirt can be uncomfortable and even smell so getting a good quality T Shirt that draws the sweat away from you without becoming saturated should be one of your first purchases.

Breathable Shorts

A good breathable pair of shorts that allow for movement will be a great buy and help you to train more comfortably.

Covering your legs in a full tracksuit or other longer active wear can have its benefits but in the gym you might want to allow your legs to breath naturally and a good pair of shorts will make all the difference.

Shorts that give you the freedom to give everything to your exercises while giving good ventilation are highly recommended.

Performance Socks

A quality sock can make the difference between dry comfortable feet and blistered, damp smelly feet. Getting a good pair of socks will make the world of difference and can be a surprisingly worthy investment.


A quality pair of trainers can provide the support and comfort to see you through your workout.

Spending the money to get a good pair of trainers at a specialist trainer shop will let them see your gait and fit you accordingly.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts can help in your performance and are our final recommendation for gym clothes that everyone should start with.

They work to get your muscles to the right temperature for your workout which can help you avoid injury.

There you go, if you are going to be visiting a gym soon you might want to start shopping around for gym and active wear that will suit you and help you to perform.

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